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Warlord Secrets


     What Is Warlord Secrets?

Hello and welcome to my Warlord Secrets review. Warlord Secrets is training by Will Weatherly, Dan Khan, Philip Johansen, and Robin Palmer.

It is training on a very cool traffic hack along with software that can automate the whole process.

The platform that the traffic hack is centered around is called Quora.

Quora is a social media site where people ask questions about certain topics. As a marketer, this is where you come in with a very thought-out answer that provides value to that person.

Warlord Secrets will show you how to answer these questions using a secret hack that could potentially get your answers ranked on the first page of Google, not to mention a number of people clicking on your affiliate links, which could lead to potential sales.

The beauty of the techniques inside Warlord Secrets is, many of these answers don’t even have to come from you; they can be outsourced and answered by someone else. These techniques will be explained inside the course.


Warlord Secrets

Features of Warlord Secrets

Warlord Secrets consist of eight training videos, a case study. and automation software to speed up the whole process.

Key Benefits of Warlord Secrets

One of the biggest key benefits of Warlord Secrets is the fact that it is built around the Quora platform. Quora isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
According to Alexa, Quora ranks 80th for the global traffic, with nearly 300 million monthly active users. Of these users, 54% report an annual household income greater than $100,000; meaning they bring serious purchasing power to the website.

Another key benefit of Warlord Secrets is the wealth of knowledge and experience you get from Will, the mastermind behind this Quora technique. In the course, he’s going to show you how to search for questions that are ideal to answer, and which ones to stay away from.
He’s also going to show you a secret hack to answering questions and having those answers show up on the first page of Google. 


What Problem(s) Does Warlord Secrets Solve?

Warlord Secrets solves one of the biggest problems facing most marketers today: Getting traffic to their offers.

The strategy inside Warlord Secrets doesn’t require a lot of content writing or link building, and best of all, it’s free.

No more time wasted posting content on social media or running expensive ads on Facebook.

This method is evergreen, and will never be oversaturated.



How Much Does Warlord Secrets Cost?

Front End – Warlord Secrets: $12.95

Warlord Secrets is a results-backed method that Will has been using for MONTHS. 

He is leveraging a hidden traffic source called Quora to THOUSANDS of views, leads and sales to all his links!

There’s the software inside to automate the whole process

Upsell #1 – Pro Version : $27

Get more training, case studies, and extra hacks on how to 10X your traffic and get more sales with less effort

Upsell #2 – DFY: $37

Steal all of Will’s hard work and resources so you don’t have to do anything.

This upgrade will give you hundreds of resources which include – Quora templates, hundreds of keywords, software, emails, done-for-you reviews, and funnels

Basically, everything he’s created

 Upsell #3 – Unlimited Traffic: $97

The guys behind Warlord Secrets get thousands of buyer hits to their sales pages every single day. 

They are allowing you to put your pixels on their sales pages so you can steal all their buyers.

Upsell #4 – Traffic Mastery: $67

Insane value: This ‘all-in-one’ solution delivers all the traffic anyone could ever need. They’ve taken proven strategies from the highest-earning marketers on the planet, applied them to their business … 

Then break them down into simple steps customized for Warlord Secrets using free traffic, underground social media as well as the hottest platforms out there, no stone is unturned.

Upsell #5: Resell Rights: $97

Get 100% resell rights to Warlord Secrets

Double your profits by selling Warlord as your own.

Warlord Secrets Bonuses


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My Alternative to Clickfunnels
Bonus 2 text


How to Use Bing Ads for Listbuilding1
Bonus 3 text


Five Top Email Marketing Tips1
Bonus 4 text


Zero to 100 in 24 Hours
Bonus 5 text


High Ticket Hero 2

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